Pre Cooling System

"so efficient was the pre-cooler that even in the height of summer the ...temperatures were lower than those we had experienced during the previous winter months"


Reduce A/C electrical consumption by up to 50%.

Our Pre Cooling system delivers instant results improving chiller efficiency and reducing the energy consumption. The system can be retro fit to all air cooled chillers increasing the performance of the chiller and extending the life span.

".....we are now operating only one chiller. This system has decreased our power consumption by 50% possibly more....."


Pre Cooling has one of

shortest payback periods

Once the Pre Cooling system has been installed onto your chiller the payback period for the system is between 10 to 12 months, one of the shortest of any energy saving systems available.

Simple to Install

The Pre Cooling system is simple to install and can be retro fit to all air cooled chillers increasing the performance of the chiller and extending the life span. The system is connected to the chiller condensor to cool the intake air.

Increase Efficiency

By reducing the intake air temperature with Pre Cooling, improved operating efficiency is achieved which provides lower operating costs, increased cooling capacity, extended equipment life, and increased profits.

Lower Capital Cost

The Pre Cooling system pre cools the air to allow the same level of cooling to be achieved with a smaller capacity chiller. This means initial capital outlay is drastically reduced along with the on-going operating costs.

Extend Life Cycles

An A/C system using Pre Cooling operates in a far cooler and cleaner environment than normal, reducing the load on the system giving the equipment a longer life span, higher productivity with less maintenance needed.

How Pre Cooling Works

The efficiency of any A/C system is dependent on the temperature difference between the air being supplied to the system and the output temperature of the air which is used to cool the area being cooled. This output temperature is dependent on the efficiency of the chiller system and decreases as the outdoor ambient temperature rises. Evapcool's Pre Cooling system cools the intake air temperature of the air cooling the condensing coil of the A/C system thereby reducing this difference and increasing the efficiency of the system.

Cost Savings

In the heat of summer this can reduce the peak electrical consumption of the A/C system by more than 50% . This system has been successfully used for many years for energy conservation and was pioneered in Australia and the USA. Because the efficiency and output of evaporative cooling increase when the temperatures increases, the system eliminates any operating peaks, removing the requirement for additional expenditure on increasing generating capacities to satisfy peak demand conditions.


Pre Cooling Performance

The Pre Cooling system improves the efficiency of A/C and Chiller performance by over 15%. Boosting performance at the same inlet temperature.