What is Evaporative Cooling

An efficient & low cost way to provide cool air.

Evapcool has refined the process of evaporative cooling using the latest technology and over 20 years of experience to deliver some of the most economical and high output cooling systems on the market.

Evaporative cooling is based on the naturally occurring process where air moving past water causes the water to evaporate. The heat necessary to cause evaporation is drawn out of the passing airstream and as a result the air is cooled. Evapcool evaporative coolers use a fan to draw outside air through the wet cooling pads. This filters the air of any particles and impurities and lowers the air temperature due to the evaporation of water within the pads. The cooled air is then distributed or directed into the building. The cooling pads are wet by a pump which pumps water up to the top of the pads, from where it runs down through the pad. By controlling the airflow through the fan speed, the temperature may be controlled. Since the supply air is not re-circulated, you have a constant supply of cooled fresh air.