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We manufacture well designed, high quality evaporative coolers.

For over 20 years Evapcool has been manufacturing Evaporative Cooling Systems that deliver efficient cooling with smooth operation and dramatically reduce energy consumption. Evaporative Cooling remains an extremely well proven method of providing cool air with a solid track record. With refined design our products continue to remain the most affordable, environmentally friendly and efficient way to deliver large scale cooling. We are able to customise a cooling solution for any type of requirement. We conduct onsite surveys and provide you with a cooling and ventilation solution that delivers what you require.


Use Anywhere

Evapcool products can be used in fixed locations, installed on roofs or through walls to supply air directly inside the building from the unit or into a supply duct. Units can be movable on trolleys to be moved and focused on a specific task or work area.

High Volume Fresh Air

Because Evapcool products deliver a continuous high-volume supply of fresh, cool, clean air, they can easily be used to cool areas and facilities previously thought to be impossible to cool effectively by providing cool high volume air flow.

Clean and Filtered Cool Air

The filtered airflow provided by Evapcool products creates cleaner air and reduces problems associated with airborne dust, sand and other particles. Our engineering team is able to customise a cooling solution for any type of requirement.

Our products are designed to be effective indoor & outdoor and can be used for anywhere from:

Factories, Warehouses, Boat Yards, Stables, Stadiums, Hangers, Open Halls, Restaurants, Stage Shows, Construction Sites, Oil & Gas, Docks, and Chiller Pre-Cooling.

we can reduce your operating costs

We can use our products to Pre-Cool your A/C chillers which provides many of benefits by reducing the intake air temperature of the chiller saving up to 50% of annual energy consumption and extending the life of your equipment.

Learn more about Pre Cooling

Evapcool gives you "a cool solution" for your needs

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Fresh, Clean Air
The cooling pads filter and remove air particles down to 0.4 Microns.
Easy to Maintain
Maintenance of the units is simple, with all components easily accessible. The cooling pads lift out for fast cleaning; the internal water filter has a clear casing for fast inspection and the casing is easily opened to change the filter. The water pump is oil cooled with thermally protected motors. All hoses are corrosion and rust resistant.
As we manufacture in the UAE we always have a large supply of spare parts in stock.